Become a Trustee of Awesome Disability
Each month we give $1,000 to a disability project that is Awesome. We leave the definition of “awesome” intentionally vague and up to the imagination!

Interested in becoming a Trustee of Awesome Disability to help continue with our mission to spread awesomeness in Disability? Submit your application below!

The Trustee requirements are very simple: donate $100 per month and vote online for grant winners. The $100 from each Trustee helps us make the $1000 grant. Grant applications close on the last day of every month and the trustees voting online to consider the month’s grant applications.

To date, Awesome Foundation Chapters from around the world (86 chapters in 17 countries) have donated OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS! To be exact the Awesome Foundation has given $2,571,000 to 2571 awesome ideas – Worldwide (as of March 2017)!

So if you are passionate about Awesomeness and helping get projects and ideas that enhance the Awesome factor of Disability, then please apply below to be considered.
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