Enlightened Society Assembly, Northern California Shambhala
Thank you for your interest in serving your fellow community members through Program Staffing! Program Staffing is a unique opportunity to deepen into the path of service, soak in the teachings, train in leadership, and create a strong container for practice. The program staff directly facilitate participants' ability to work with mind, body and heart. It is also an opportunity to spend time as a region, which is a gift in and of itself!

Please note that staff positions are open to those who have completed Shambhala Training Level III and above. If you have not completed Shambhala Training Level III you are not eligible to staff.

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If you are a Shambhala Training Director, what courses or levels have you taught most recently?
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Program staff are asked to help set up for this program 2 days in advance of the start date and attend the program in its entirety. Please indicate if you can attend the entire program.
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Please provide the name and contact information of your Meditation Instructor and/or someone under whose direction you have staffed previously. If you don't have experience, just write "None".
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Please write a little about your motivation to serve, any recent practice / training experiences, or anything that might help us get to know you better. It would also be helpful for you to put notes about your schedule here if there are special considerations we should be aware of.
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Thank you so much for offering to staff at Enlightened Society Assembly!
We will get back to you soon about your application. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Kate Raddock at norcalESA2017@gmail.com.
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