CS 451 Quiz 30
Deep neural nets
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What does "deep" mean in "deep learning"? *
Given a L-layer neural net, which of the following is NOT true? *
For a neural net with n[2] = 10 and n[3] = 5, what is the shape of the matrix W[3]? *
The vectorized equation for the first layer of a neural net is Z[1] = W[1] * X + b[1], where X has m columns. How do the shapes of W[1] * X and b[1] relate? *
Which of the following does NOT motivate why deep networks are a good idea? *
Deep neural nets can be built using "building blocks". The building block for forward propagation takes a[l-1] as input and produces a[l] as output. It also produces a "cache" output, which is *
The building block for backward propagation takes da[l] and the "cache" as input and produces da[l-1] as output. It also produces additional outputs, which are *
Which of the following are hyperparameters of a neural net? Check all that apply. *
What is Andrew Ng's answer to the question "What does this have to do with the brain"? *
I'd enjoy a free point on this quiz *
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