Race Committee Training Seminar
You have two options to attend the Race Committee Training Seminar:

Wednesday, May 8th or Wednesday or June 5th at 5:30pm

Both sessions will be held at the CLSA pavilion.

Please fill out one form for each attendee.

CLSA is looking for a few good men and women. It’s not that the Club doesn’t have quite a few good men and women, but we’re looking for Race Committee Members. Sailors who race will tell you that it’s no fun to race with poor race management. Most yacht clubs or sailing associations have a group of folks who enjoy the water but, for whatever reason, aren’t into racing sailboats. However, they do enjoy participating by providing management services for those who do.

CLSA, under the tutelage of Vice Commodore Nick Schneider, will hold Race Management Seminars this Spring and throughout the racing season. There are any number of positions that one can study or perform to contribute to a great racing experience. In a perfect world of sailboat racing, the following team positions are utilized:

Principal Race Officer
Wind Reader
Mark Setter
Committee Boat Operator

In the past, for CLSA, many of these positions have been combined. Sometimes combinations work but usually they result it a less than expected experience for the racers and committee both. Join us and find out how important a role you can play in providing an enjoyable day on the lake racing a sailboat.

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