Senior Thesis Survey 2020
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! These questions will contribute to my senior thesis project.
What activity brings you the most happiness? *
What activity brings you the most satisfaction? *
What is one thing that gives you instant gratification? *
Could you live (emotionally) without access to the Internet (including all social media) or mobile devices? *
The following questions relate to an experiment conducted in 2001 for a six-part reality TV show. Three families were challenged to live as the pioneers did in the 1800s in Montana. They lived without electricity or any modern convenience for 5 months. Please think carefully before answering.
Based on the text above, if you were given an opportunity to live in the 1800s for a month, would you do it? *
Why or why not? If "maybe", please explain. *
What age group are you in? *
What is your education level?
What do you currently do for work? *
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