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BC's Living Lab is a producer-led program focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening the climate resiliency of our nation's food systems. The Forage and Cattle Project is investigating Extended Grazing Season and Winter-Feeding Strategies.

The project is looking for interested Farm Partners to participate in the program. The goal is to select farm partners and locations that are representative of the region they are located, in order to increase the relevance of the results for the surrounding farm operations.

If you are interested in being a farm partner, please fill out the form below. Mother sites will be selected and installed for spring 2023; daughter sites will be selected in the summer of 2023 with implementation in either fall 2023 or spring 2024.

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Provide a brief overview of current shoulder season and winter season feeding strategies for the operation. *
What is your level of experience with alternative and/or cover crops for grazing (e.g. in relay-cropping systems)?
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What is your level of experience with standing crop for winter grazing (e.g. corn)?
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What is your level of experience with growing fall-seeded cereal crops for extended grazing systems?
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What is your level of experience with winter bale grazing systems?
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Have you ever participated in a research project before on your farm/ranch?
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If yes, what was the research and who did you partner with?
As a part of this project, we will also be surveying people who have experiences with the extended feeding strategies. Would you be willing to participate in a survey?
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