NYEC 2020 Annual Forum Feedback Form
Thank you for joining us for the 2020 Annual Forum! Your feedback is very important for us. We hope you'll consider joining the larger NYEC community and our programming in 2021.
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On a scale of 1-10, how valuable did you find this convening? *
What did you think about the length of the sessions each day (50 minutes)? *
What did you think about the level of interactivity during the convening? *
What portions of the convening were MOST valuable? *
What portions of the convening were LEAST valuable? *
How useful was the Whova platform? *
After the convening, do you feel a sense of greater healing, joy and optimism from the conference as we head into 2021? *
Statement: As a result of the conference I gained a greater sense of what NYEC is and what it does. *
Statement: The NYEC Annual Forum is a valuable professional development experience. *
Statement: The NYEC Annual Forum is a unique gathering place for our field. *
Statement: I received adequate and clear communication regarding what to expect, accessing Whova, and navigating the conference  before and during the Annual Forum? *
Please give an estimate on the number of sessions you attended *
What are between one and three "aha" moments or takeaways from the Forum?
What would you change about the convening?  
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