Monthly University Student Training (MUST) Registration - 26 October 2019
Psalm 110:3 Your people will offer themselves willingly / In the day of Your warfare, / In the splendor of their consecration. / Your young men will be to You / Like the dew from the womb of the dawn.

Purpose and Goal of the Training:
The goal of the Monthly University Student Training (MUST) is to perfect God-loving and Christ-pursuing students in the areas of biblical truth, experience of life, gospel preaching, and character development, all with a view to moulding them into useful vessels in the Lord’s hands for the building up of His Body.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.
2. Cultivate an atmosphere of prayer, fellowship, and seeking the Lord.
3. Abide punctually by the schedule and diligently fulfill all assignments.
4. All trainees should maintain a proper restricted brother-sister-in-the-Lord relationship in all situations (in language, attitude, intention and heart).
5. Dress code:
-Brothers should wear trousers and a shirt with a collar (no contemporary designs, messages, or characters). No shorts, T-shirts or vests.
-Sisters should wear a skirt or a dress below the knee when sitting. Dress slits should end below the knee. No T-shirts or tops that expose the midriff or back or that have a low neckline.

The Training for Saturday, 26 October will start at 10:00am at Priors House and will finish 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome to stay until 7:00pm for recreation, singing, and diner.
Address: Priors New Road, Lambourne End, Romford, RM4 1AS

The deadline to register for the Training is Wednesday, 23 October (registration requests received after this date will not be permitted to attend)
Cost: £10, includes lunch and dinner, payment will be take upon arrival
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