Calhan Student Handbook Agreement
We have read the handbook rules and guidelines for Calhan Elementary/Middle/ High School and acknowledge the rules of the Handbook, the general guidelines, the internet policy, the injury warning and the sportsmanship code. We do
hereby agree to observe and follow the policies, rules, and guidelines as stated in the Middle School Handbook/
and Middle School Activities Handbook. Furthermore, if the aforementioned policies, rules, and guidelines are
violated, we are aware of the procedures and consequences that may be imposed, including suspension and loss of
participation privilege, for student athletes and parents. Student athletes and parents should adhere to the
highest standard of character and behavior and conduct themselves accordingly. Participation in school activities
is a privilege.
Your signature in the handbook is legally binding and indicates that the party (parties) who signed has (have) read
the terms and conditions carefully and understand their significance.
By filling out this form you are giving your Electronic Signature.
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