I'm donating copies of PIPE DREAMS!
PIPE DREAMS: The Urgent Global Quest to Transform the Toilet comes out on April 6, 2021. The publisher, Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, calls it "a lively, informative, and humorous deep dive into the future of the toilet—from creative uses for harvested 'biosolids,' to the bold engineers dedicated to bringing safe sanitation to the billions of people worldwide living without."

Booklist calls it "well-written and researched, with much in-person investigation by the author . . . Pipe Dreams is engaging, informative, and an unexpected must-read for readers interested in sustainability, and should have a place in nearly every library.”

In that spirit, and as a way to give back to all of those who shared their experiences and knowledge with me, I plan to donate some copies to libraries in low-resource areas--especially those associated with institutions and organizations that educate sanitation experts, plan/implement sanitation projects, or advocate for better sanitation. These can be in any country, so long as I can get it there.

If you know of an institution or organization that would like a copy but would otherwise be unable to afford it, please let me know in this form.

I will NOT use the submitted information for any purposes other than organizing donations of PIPE DREAMS. But if you rather contact me another way, you can find my email address at chelseawald.com.

For more information on PIPE DREAMS, please see https://chelseawald.com and https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Pipe-Dreams/Chelsea-Wald/9781982116217
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The institution/organization where I should send PIPE DREAMS (and why)
Please nominate a library that would want a copy of PIPE DREAMS but would not otherwise be able to afford it. Please note that PIPE DREAMS is a book for the general public published (so far) in English. Feel free to elaborate on your reason for the nomination in this space. (Self-nominations welcome!)
Mailing address (destination)
Along with the address, please include the NAME of a contact person who can receive PIPE DREAMS at the destination (for example, a librarian or educator). I can also send PIPE DREAMS to a third party who can carry it to the organization in person.
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An email address for the contact person at the destination who will receive PIPE DREAMS.
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Are there any special instructions or considerations, i.e., regarding shipping to this destination? (e.g., preferred shipping company, import duties, etc.) I will be shipping from either the Netherlands or the United States.
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