Nominate yourself, or someone else*, for Election to Church Council
Have an interest in understanding and helping on the business side of Salem? No specific experience is required. We're looking for members with a diverse group of skills and ages. You 'should' be a Member of Salem for at least a year, although exceptions can be made so do NOT let that stop you from filling out this form.

Membership on Salem Church Council is a 3-year term, and the Council is comprised of the following:

President, Vice President, and Secretary -- annually elected
At-Large members -- annually elected, available as terms expire or current members step down
Treasurer -- currently occupied by a member who is willing and able to continue volunteering in this role
Assistant Treasurer -- a new role that we will consider creating if the right person steps forward to volunteer

Council typically meets monthly for 1.5 hours.

Council members are not required to serve on any other committees, however the Chair of each church committee is a Council member. Committees include: Building, Fundraising, and Mission. Ad Hoc committees are created as needed.

If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of Church Council members, contact the Council Secretary at

* If you are electing someone else, please only do so if you've had a conversation with that person.

Complete and submit form no later than December 17.
Informational interview with Council Secretary before December 30.
Election to be held during the Congregational Meeting on January 6, 2019.

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Have you been a member of Salem Church for more than 1 year?
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