Math Right Now: Poll for Parents/Guardians with Students in K-7
This survey is for parents/guardians of BSD students who are in K-7 this school year (2020-2021).
Please take 5 minutes to help volunteer representatives on BSD's K-7 Math Curriculum Committee collect information to help make decisions about math curriculum and its future.
This is not a BSD-sanctioned survey and is completely voluntary. Answers are anonymous (names and contact information is not collected). The results will be shared with the committee. THANK YOU!
Math Curriculum: A group of topics, or content, studied in a math course, or across a sequence of grade levels
N/A = This question does not apply to my student
If you would like to complete the survey in another language, please let us know in the comment section below and include your contact information.
Who is completing the survey? *
Which school(s) is/are your student(s) attending this school year? (You may choose more than one) *
Choose the grade(s) in which your student attends this year. If you have more than one student, please check all that apply. *
Please check any of the identification categories for your student(s). This information will only be used to assure we have heard from a diverse group of families. *
If your student is in K-5, did you know the math curriculum is Math Expressions? *
If your student is in 6th Grade or 7th Grade math classes, do you know what is included in the math curriculum for IMT1 and/or IMT2? *
If your student is in 6th Grade or 7th Grade, do you think 5th grade math prepared your student for 6th Grade math?
Clear selection
Have you ever visited BSD's math curriculum website? *
If your student has struggled in math, do you feel your student has been supported in their math experience? *
If your student needed more challenge, do you feel your student has been supported in their math experience? *
Has your student(s) needed to receive math instruction from a person or program outside of the school day? (This includes instruction. E.g. Private tutor, Mathnasium, Sylvan, Singapore Math, Khan Academy, etc.) *
There will be a new math curriculum beginning in September 2021. Are you interested in learning more about the new math curriculum? *
If you do want to learn about the new curriculum, how would you like to learn about it? (You may choose multiple methods)
If your student is in an immersion or dual language program, is it important to you that math instruction is in the target language (Spanish or Mandarin)? *
*Optional: Use this space to share feedback about your child's experience and/or ask questions you have about the new curriculum. An information session will be offered on May 19th. Every effort will be made to answer your questions on May 19th and/or on the website. Thank you for your time!
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