Passions Illustrated Questionnaire
Please consider the following and answer in detail:
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Please write a general description of your passion
How and why did you begin your passionate activity?
At what age did you first engage in what ultimately became your passion?
Were you immediately "hooked" or was it a gradual process? What motivated you to continue [if not immediately hooked on it]?
What triggered you to take your passion to the next level? And what WAS the NEXT level? What other levels have there been prior to arriving where you are now?
Were there roadblocks or obstacles that you needed to overcome?
When not engaged in your passion do you find yourself thinking about it while doing other things?
How does your passion effect your emotions and your body sensations?
Do you experience an emotional element when doing your passion? How does it affect your mood, your sense of satisfaction?
Have you ever experienced what seemed to be a "withdrawal" (emotional and/or physical)?
Does the fact that you have this passion make you happier, more fulfilled (or whatever adjective fits)? What is that spillover effect for you?
When sharing/revealing your enthusiasm to family and/or friends do they seem supportive? Do your long-time friends and your family notice how your passion has affected you?
Have you converted your involvement into a full-time or part-time business or income producing activity? If yes, has that changed your view or your experience of the passion in any way, positively or negatively?
Do you engage in your passion jointly with others?
What demographics do you see among others who share the same passion (age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc.)? Is there a "stereotype" about the participants that you believe is unsupported by facts?
Were you mentored, influenced or guided by anyone in particular?
Do you know of anyone else who has had their overall life "lifted" through this passion?
Please provide your name, location and contact information for use in the event further details are needed.
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