GAP meetups
Meet ups for LGBTQIA+ young adults ages 15-24
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By filling out this form, you consent to contact with official SPLASH representatives only. Your name, contact information, and identities will be kept private and you will only receive correspondence regarding programming of SPLASH. We serve youth ages 5-24, their families, and schools. No one will be able to verify if you have contacted us or if/when you attend meetups online nor in person. You can list the name and pronouns that fit you best here, we do not need your legal name, gender, SAAB, or identifying information to arrange meetups. During virtual meetups, it is expected that you speak on camera in the beginning, to verify that you are in the age brackets that are appropriate for each group, but those who wish to go off camera may. For additional information please email: or text 970-444-5428. THANKS
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