Student Civic Engagement Initiative Letter of Interest Form
Washington Campus Compact (WACC) invites colleges and universities in Washington interested in participating in the 2018-19 Student Civic Engagement Initiative to submit a Letter of Interest. WACC is pursuing legislative funding in the 2018 Legislative Session for the Student Civic Engagement Initiative to support institutions’ efforts to address critical issues and cultivate civically engaged students.

Information required:
a. Project Description
b. The demographics and total number of population(s) to be served
c. The number of college students to be recruited for service in the project, and number of hours to be served
d. Number of partnerships to be developed or supported
e. Program Contact information: send name, title, institution, phone number, and email

Deadline: January 16, 2018

For questions, please contact Marc Oommen at 360-650-6476 or

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