Equal Measures 2030 consultation
Equal Measures 2030 is creating a data tracking tool with the aim of monitoring a set of priority SDG targets and indicators crucial to measuring progress towards gender equality. Using insights from the tracker, we will provide critical analysis and unique perspectives, highlighting progress and gaps – including where data are not being collected or not being disaggregated by sex and age.

Please view/download the draft tracker at www.equalmeasures2030.org

To maintain clarity and create a manageable and useful tool, Equal Measures 2030 aims to focus on a selection of targets reflecting key issues at various ages and stages of girls’ and women’s lives. The tracker currently includes 47 targets and 63 indicators covering 13 of the 17 Global Goals.

To ensure the Equal Measures 2030 data tracker will become a solid reflection of the lives of girls and women during the Global Goals era, we welcome your comments and feedback on key areas we may have overlooked, or on ideas for how to plug the existing gaps in our tracker with complementary data sources.

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What overall comments do you have on the targets and indicators we have prioritized so far in our data tracker?
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Did we include the correct targets to meet our goals?
If you answered no, which targets should be included and why.
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Did we include the correct indicators to track the targets we have chosen?
If you answered no, which indicators should be included and why.
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Are there complementary measures (additional indicators or alternative data sources or both) that should be included for the targets that we have chosen that will provide a fuller picture of SDG implementation? If so, please indicate the target and provide a reference to the measure.
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Do you have suggestions on innovative methodologies for measuring indicators that are currently classified as Tier II or Tier III?
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Do you have any general thoughts about Equal Measures 2030's proposed approach to data and advocacy? (read about it at www.equalmeasures2030.org)
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How would you most like to engage with Equal Measures 2030?
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