Seaweek 2019 Ocean Champion SENIOR entry
Please complete this form to enter the Seaweek 2019 Ocean Champion Challenge if you are aged 16 or over (juniors please use our separate entry form). All entries will go in the draw to win some fantastic prizes. Entries close on Friday 21 December and you MUST complete your Ocean Challenge by 31 March 2019.

To enter by filling in this form you will need the following information. Please ensure you have it all prepared before you start to complete the form. You cannot save it and come back later:
1. Contact details for you
2. A biography of you or your group's activities
3. A photo or logo (max size 1MB)
4. The name of your Ocean Challenge
5. A description of the problem your Ocean Challenge is trying to solve
6. A description of how your Ocean Challenge will solve this problem - be specific, identify objectives, actions & outcomes
7. A description of how you will engage with others to undertake your Ocean Challenge
8. A description of how you will measure the success of your Ocean Challenge
9. The link to a blog or social media post about your Ocean Challenge
10. Name and contact details for an independent adult who is supporting / verifying your entry.

Good luck and thanks for entering!

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