EHS Echoes Yearbook Survey
Please answer the following questions to aid in the overall improvement of the Echoes Yearbook.
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Did you purchase a yearbook for 2022 (that will be distributed in August of this year)? *
If you did not purchase a book, please choose the BEST reason why.
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If you purchased a book or have borrowed one to flip through, on a scale of 1-10 how much have you enjoyed looking at Echoes of EHS Yearbooks in the past?
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Very Much
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If you are a student, would you be interested in participating in an fundraiser to pay for your yearbook? *
Picture yourself approximately 10 years from now, preparing to go to your class reunion. You grab your old yearbook to look back - what section of the book do you flip to? *
If you could change one thing about the EHS Echoes Yearbook, what would it be? *
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