TU Minecraft Server Whitelist Request
The TU Community Minecraft Server is currently in a whitelist-only state. This is to control the player count to a manageable level, as well as to keep the server tied to specifically the Tower Unite community.
Please note:
I do NOT post announcements or updates about the server often to the TU or Steam Forum thread as it bumps the post every time. I highly suggest you join the Discord if you want to talk to others who are around on the server, as well as get updates about the server's status and/or features.
Invite link: https://discordapp.com/invite/vpg6cW7
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Please choose at least one method of confirmation:
This server is only for Tower Unite, and hence every member needs to confirm they are actually a part of it. That's as simple as posting your Forum profile link, Steam community URL, or Discord username and discriminator (but if you choose this option you will need to be a part of the Tower Unite Discord server).
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