EE SFC Survey
The student-faculty conference (SFC), run by the ARC, happens once every two years. Its purpose is to gather both undergraduates and professors together to discuss the Electrical Engineering undergraduate experience here at Caltech. We on the committee want to provide recommendations and guidance for making the major even better than it was before!

This survey is completely anonymous, but will provide the committee with valuable information about how the undergraduates in Electrical Engineering feel about their classes, internships, research opportunities, readiness for the industry, and more.

Feel free to answer as much as the survey as you want. Remember that the more information the committee has, the better recommendations it can make!

There will be 5 $20 Amazon gift cards as prizes.
Four of these will be reserved for EEs taking the survey.
One of these gift cards will be for a non-EE taking this survey.
Prizes will be awarded randomly.

You will be eligible for winning the prize if you:
1) FIll out at least 50% of the survey questions you get.
2) If you fill out at least 75% of the survey questions, you get 50% increased chance of winning.
3) Put in your Caltech email address at the end of the survey. (This does remove some of the anonymity, but this is the only way we can notify you of winning the gift card)
4) Fill the survey out by 2/15

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