5th Hr. Science Class Homework Log 2019-20
1. DECIDE WHAT  you want to complete for homework.

A. Ask yourself.

What questions do I have? Answer ONE.
What do you want to do?  Do ONE.
What do you want to learn? Choose ONE.

B. DECIDE HOW you want to do your homework.
For example: build it, fit it, read it, play it, watch it, experiment with it, research it, explore it inside the house, discover it outside the house, etc.

 2. COMPLETE your Science Homework (EVERY DAY - 7 days a week)  for 20 MINUTES or more.

3. Use the SENTENCE STEM to WRITE about what you did for homework.

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What TOPIC/TOPICS did you focus on for homework? (Examples: current events, the brain, forest fires, blue whales, chemistry, gravity, volcanoes, fixing a tire...) *
What TYPE of homework did you complete? *
Which SKILLS/ PRACTICES did you use? *
Which CONNECTIONS did you make? *
1.DESCRIBE what you did for HOMEWORK today (For homework today, I ___.) 2. Describe what you LEARNED (I learned ___.) 3.Describe HOW your made CONNECTIONS (What I learned was connected to ___, because___.)4.Describe HOW you used the SKILLS & PRACTICES (I used ___ skills/practices by___.)   5.Explain WHY you chose to do this homework assignment (I chose___for homework, because ___.) *
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