PASE Gag Awards
It's that time of the year again where we give out Gag Awards to our PASE Members at our annual PASE Banquet! Remember to put two names (FIRST AND LAST PLEASE), one for a GIRL and one for a GUY! The last day to vote is FRIDAY, June 2 at 11:59PM!
Presh New PASE
The cooliest new PASE members
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The members who rep PASE the most as they eat, sleep, and breathe PASE
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Face to PASE
The members who are FilAm af and aren't just involved with PASE #FilAmUnity
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PASEing Back and Forth
Our most active and athletic PASE members #swolepatrol
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Funny PASE
PASE members who are hella funny and always make everyone laugh
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At their own PASE
PASE members who are too cool and hella chill
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