ONE VOTE PER PERSON, PLEASE! Vote for your favorite 2017 Des Moines-area haunted attraction.
NO REPEAT VOTING. DUPLICATE IP ADDRESSES WILL BE DISCARDED. I will not e-mail you. I just want one vote per person, so if you vote again later, I will use your latest vote (and discard your earlier ones).
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First, we need to know which haunted houses you actually visited this year. This will let us know which one was the most "popular" (though not necessarily the "best" or "scariest" - you will get to vote on that, next). Which haunted attraction(s) did you visit in 2015?
Now some opinion questions...
There are many reasons people go to haunted attractions. We want to know which one you thought was SCARIEST, FUNNEST, BEST VALUE (for the money) or overall BEST.
Which haunted house did you think was the "scariest"? (Not the overall best, but the one that scared you or startled you the most.)
Which haunted attraction did you think was the "funnest"? (Again, not overall "best", but the one you had the most fun going through.)
Which haunted attraction did you think was the "coolest"? (For instance, best sound, coolest sets, neatest special effects -- regardless of if it was scary or not, or expensive or cheap.)
Which haunted attraction did you think was the "best value" for the ticket price? (For example, you might think a $5 haunt was great for the price, even if it wasn't anywhere as good as a $20 haunt you visited. Or, you may find a $16 haunt disappointing, but would have loved it if it was $10.)
Which haunted attraction did you think was the overall "best"? (For whatever reason - maybe it had the coolest special effects even if it wasn't scary, or it was the longest -- the one YOU personally liked the most.)
And finally, for whatever reason (most fun, scariest, best for the money), if you had only gotten to choose just ONE haunted attraction to attend this year, which ONE would it have been?
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