Rocky Mountain Cascade Region: 2017-2018 Regional Officer Application
Deadline: Applications must be submitted by Tuesday April 18th, 2017
All candidates for a regional officer position need to verify that they meet the requirements, agree to abide by the Honor Code, and understand the time commitment for the position. Each candidate will give a 3 minute speech on the honors study topic at spring convention. If selected as a new officer, the candidate understands that he or she must attend a training this summer. The training will be held in July or August. Location to be determined.

If you have any questions, please contact the Regional Coordinator.

Eligibility Requirements
All candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Candidates must be members in good standing in their chapter (varies by chapter; typically means taking at least one associate-level course each term).
• Candidates for district executive position shall be a member of a chapter in the district for which he/she is a candidate.
• Candidates will attend community college (or associate degree granting school) the entire academic year they hold office.
• Regional officers must be able to have their photos posted in places such as our website, Facebook, and newsletter.
• A regional officer will resign upon transferring to a non-associate degree granting school, withdrawing from school, or moving out of the region or district.
• No more than one candidate per chapter may apply for each regional office.

Time Commitments
All candidates must be willing to make the following time commitments:

• Regional Officer Team video conference twice per month (or weekly depending on officer team schedules). Business meetings are 1-2 hours.
• Three hours per week for email and phone communication to chapters in the region.
• Campus visits, as requested, to assist chapter officers and advisors with chapter events and projects.
• Attendance at summer leadership workshops, the Fall Honors in Action Conference, and the Spring Regional Convention.
• Regular contact with other regional officers and the coordinator by phone, email, text, and/or Facebook group.

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Applicants for Regional President, Regional Vice President or Vice President of Communication may a student from any chapter in the region. Northern District Executive applicant must be a student from Columbia Gorge Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Clatsop Community College, Clackamas Community College or Portland Community College (any chapter). Western District Executive applicant must be a student from Linn-Benton Community College, Lane Community College, Chemeketa Community College- Salem, Chemeketa Community College- McMinnville, Tillamook Bay Community College, Umpqua Community College, Klamath Community College or Southwestern Oregon Community College. Southern District Executive applicant must be a student at Snow College, Salt Lake Community College or Utah Valley University. Eastern District Executive must be a student from Blue Mountain Community College, Treasure Valley Community College, College of Southern Idaho or College of Western Idaho.
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NOTE: Your responses will be printed and made available to advisors and members of the Rocky Mountain Cascade Region.

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I verify that I meet all of the requirements as listed above, and I have discussed running for a regional position with my chapter advisor. I agree that, if elected, I will sign and abide by the Regional Officers’ Honor Code, and I will perform the duties of the position to the best of my abilities. *
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