Adopt A Pit Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster for Adopt A Pit Rescue. Fosters are by far the most important people in our Rescue. Without fosters we could not do what we do. By becoming a foster, you are giving a dog the gift of tomorrow. We carefully screen all potential fosters to make sure that they can provide the necessary environment that rescued dogs need to thrive and be adequately prepared to be adopted out to new homes. Please answer all questions on this application carefully and honestly.

In order to be approved to foster, all dogs in the home must be spayed or neutered, current on all age appropriate vaccinations, and on regular heartworm preventative. We may require, at our discretion, the same of other pets in the home. We will contact the vet whose information you provide to confirm this. If your dogs are not current on vetting, but you have an appointment made, please make a note of this.

If you rent, we will contact your landlord to verify your ability to have a dog, and any restrictions on breed or size. To speed the process, please contact your landlord or leasing office and ask their pet policy and advise that we will be contacting them. If possible, provide an email address in addition to a phone number where we may contact them.

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