Lettered Streets Mutual Aid - Offer Support
There are lots of ways we can support each other during the COVID-19 crisis.

With this outbreak, we know that many of our neighbors will be ill, under quarantine for exposure, will need child care or eldercare support, or will just have more unmet needs due to job changes, etc.

Please use this form to share how you can support your neighbors. Together we keep each other safe!

More about Mutual Aid:

"In systems of mutual aid, communities take on the responsibility for caring for one another, rather than forcing individuals to fend for themselves.

Mutual aid is also not charity: rather than creating a centralized organization where one person is giving to someone else, forcing them to become dependent on yet another relationship negotiating their access to material resources, mutual aid creates a symbiotic relationship, where all people offer material goods or assistance to one another.

Mutual aid organizing is volunteer-run, transparent, and driven by the needs articulated by community members."

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