Animal Ark Adoption Application
We ask that you complete our adoption application as a tool we use to assist us in finding permanent, responsible & loving homes for the animals left in our care.  It will also allow us to help you find a companion animal suited to your needs. Once your application is received one of our Adoption Specialists will contact you to set up an interview.

Reply with N/A to all questions that don't apply.
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Which pet are you applying for? *
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How many people are in your household? *
How many children and what are their ages? *
Where will this pet sleep? *
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
If yes, describe fence ( full, partial, height, material) *
If no, how will exercise and potty breaks be handled? *
How may hours will this pet be outside? *
How many pets do you currently have and what type? *
Are your current pets spayed or neutered? *
Are your current cats declawed? *
Who is your veterinarian? Please provide the name, address and phone number.  Note: we will contact your veterinarian for a reference. *
When did you last take your current or past pet(s) to the veterinarian? *
What was the reason for the visit? *
If you had a pet that is no longer in your household, what happened to it? *
How long do you plan on keeping this pet? *
Under what circumstances would you return this pet? (moving, vet bills, new baby, divorce, etc) *
If you should no longer want this pet what would you do? *
Would you be willing to take your new dog to obedience classes? *
Do you know about an obedience class in your area? *
How would you correct unwanted behavior with your pet? *
How far do you live from Animal Ark? *
How many hours will this pet be home alone? *
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals? *
If yes, who and how do you plan to deal with this? *
Do you live in a house, mobile home, apartment, townhome, or condo? *
Rent or own? *
If you rent, please provide landlord name and phone number. If you own your home, please type N/A. *
Place of employment? *
How long have you worked there? *
Do you plan to declaw this pet if a cat? *
If yes, why? *
Completed By Staff with Adopter

If Animal Ark finds that I am not abiding by the terms of the contract or that I have misled them on answers I've given on this application, I agree to return the animal listed on my legally binding contract to Animal Ark in good health.  I also agree to pay all legal fees if Animal Ark finds it necessary to take legal action against me.  Animal Ark reserves the right to deny an application base on the information provided to us.  Our policies are established to protect the interests of the animals and to promote lifelong placements.

I have read and will abide by Animal Ark's Contract:

Signature:____________________________________________________ Date:____________________________

Adoption Approved:_________________________________Adoption Denied:___________________________

Animal Ark Representative:_____________________________________________________________________

Please verify address and make a photocopy of Drivers License

Animal Ark 2600 Industrial Court, Hastings, MN 55033      651.772.8983
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