Strategies for capturing artistic process
We all have different approaches to documenting our artistic practice, across the spectrum of before/during/after the practice itself, and to varying levels of rigour (from undecipherable notes-to-self, to full-blown documentaries). This brief questionnaire will survey the different approaches that people take. The list below is by no means exhaustive, and reflects the limits of my imagination more than anything else, please expand it where appropriate. I've done what I can here to not make assumptions about practice norms, but I'm sure many people will have very different practices/strategies to what's outlined below, suggest new strategies to fit your own requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott McLaughlin <>
Here are a series of possible starting-points for strategies, please tick those that best describe you. Optionally you can also use the free text box (next question) to finesse the response and add information specific to your own experience. *
(Optional) nuancing or extension to possibilities listed above.
(optional) Is there a difference between capturing artefacts and capturing ideas? Do you use notes/video to try to explain to yourself what you're thinking at that moment in the process, or is it more important to capture what the work looked/sounded like at the point in the process?
I would (briefly) describe my discipline-area/practice as... [Please include a core discipline keyword (dance, music, etc) but then something more specific if you wish] *
Balance of artistic/academic work. In your average week, which of these best describes you? *
How long have you worked in academia? *
How long have you been an artist? [while this is blurry line for most of us, try to limit this answer to experience as a 'professional' artist, whatever that may mean for you.] *
Anything else you think is important here?
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