2017 Fair Days Parade Volunteer Registration
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Fair Days Parade on August 26.

Chamber Volunteer Check-In area will be just next to the Judge's Booth on W. Main St and S. Madison at time designated in description.

Chamber Volunteers are requested to report by 9:45 a.m. to the Judge’s Booth for check-in and orientation. Coffee and donuts will be provided for volunteers.

Volunteer Information
We invite you to become a volunteer of the 80th Annual Fair Days Parade and experience the excitement and sense of community that makes this event so special. We look forward to your participation in the 2017 Fair Days Parade. There are many different opportunities for volunteering.

1. Come prepared. Get Informed. Look through our web site before you get to the Parade, www.choosemonroe.com/parade. Learn as much as you can about the Fair Days Parade and Market, since once you put on that volunteer shirt, people will come to
YOU for information!

2. Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes. Volunteers are on their feet a lot during the Parade, and no one likes blisters!

3. Dress For the Weather. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses if it’s bright out. Wearing weather appropriate clothing ensures that you enjoy your time at the Parade!

4. Be Flexible. The Fair Days Parade is an exciting, fast‐paced environment where things can change on a dime. It’s a huge help to us when volunteers are patient and understand that we may need them to do a different task than they’d
originally been assigned. That being said, we’ll do our best to keep you happy and busy!

5. No Alcohol. Volunteers and Participants are NOT allowed to consume alcohol. We strive to run a family-friendly event, so we cannot have intoxicated volunteers or participants representing our event.

6. Have Fun!

7. Thank you!  The Parade wouldn’t be the same without you! 

Parade Ambassadors (Volunteers needed: 10)
Duties Include:
--Ensure spectators stay out of the street
--Ensure parade participants are not throwing or handing out of ANY items (including squirting the spectators with water, etc.)
--Ensure parade flow continues forward
--Report any problems to Parade Chairman

Parade Marshal (Volunteers needed: 8)
Duties Include:
--Ensure the parade participants stay in formation and in order
--Ensure parade flow continues forward
--Ensure performance groups are not impeding or stopping the parade for too.

Disbanding Coordinators (Volunteers needed: 5)
Duties Include:
--Ensure parade flow continues forward
--Assist entries to location to disembark any riders, out of traffic
--Report any problems to Parade Chairman

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