Sideshow Playwright's Submission Form
Sideshow is committed to developing and producing new work for Chicago audiences, and developing local writers through our mainstage productions and The Freshness Initiative.

Currently, we only accept unsolicited script submissions directly from literary agents. If you are an unrepresented Chicago-area writer and would like to familiarize us with your work, please invite a Sideshow representative to your next reading, workshop or production by filling out the following form. For any other inquiries, please email literary associate Zach Barr at

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1. What Sideshow programming have you attended in the past season? (Mainstage, Freshness, CLLAW) *
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3. What aspects of your writing makes you a good fit to Sideshow's mission as a company? *
4. Describe your ideal process of new work development: more research-based, devised with actors, open to improvisation, etc. *
5. Sideshow is committed to attending readings or productions of work by new Chicago-based writers. If you have a reading or production of a play coming up, please provide that information below. *
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