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Your help is needed Monday through Thursday, March 9 - 19. Schools needing interpreters are listed according to the dates of the conferences. To schedule the dates and schools you will serve, check the box in front of the school on the given dates you are available to serve as an interpreter. If you can not stay for an entire conference there will be a question at the end of this sheet for you to let me know.
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If you have scheduled a school to serve, but the hours of the conference at that school do not fit your schedule, note that below. E.g., Tuesday, March 17 at Harp Elementary I am available from 4:15 - 7:00.
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Thank you for volunteering! If you have questions or need anything at all, please contact Marsha Layer at Mobile: 479-305-1363 or Office: 750-8706 or by Email I am here to help!
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