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Thank you for your interest in a Teaching Assistantship with the Asian American Studies Department!
Important Notes
New Asian American Studies Department Teaching Assistants are required to enroll in Chicana and Chicano Studies (CHICANO) 495: Learner-Centered Teaching in Chicana/Chicano Studies (4 units, S/U grading), a seminar course designed to explore diverse classroom strategies and pedagogical techniques, which will be offered during the Spring quarter. Details regarding CHICANO 495 may be found in the Schedule of Classes: Returning Asian American Studies Department Teaching Assistants who underwent previous training are not required to take CHICANO 495, but are welcome to take the course.

All those selected for Asian American Studies Department Teaching Assistantships are strongly recommended to attend the Annual Campuswide Teaching Assistant (TA) Conference. This Conference offers interactive training workshops. Registration for Annual TA Conference will be available in the summer. More information about the Conference may be found at the following site:

Teaching Assistants are required to register and enroll in a minimum of 12 units during appointment term(s), including the Asian American Studies Teaching Apprentice Practicum 375 (ASIA AM 375) corresponding with matched section(s) and instructor(s). ASIA AM 375 may be used toward the required 12 unit minimum.

First-time Teaching Assistants matched with the Writing II designated courses (ASIA AM 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, and 50W) are required to take English Composition (ENGCOMP) 495E: Teaching Preparation Seminar: Writing in the Disciplines (2 units, S/U grading), a writing pedagogy instruction course, in either the quarter prior to the first term of teaching (highly recommended) or concurrently with their teaching assistantship quarter with Writing II designated course(s). In a subsequent quarter, TAs teaching Writing II designated course(s) are also required to take the mentoring course, ENGCOMP 495F: Supervised Teaching of Writing in the Disciplines (2 units, S/U grading). For more information, please contact the UCLA Writing Programs office:

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ASIA AM 10/W: History of Asian Americans
ASIA AM 20/W: Contemporary Asian American Communities
ASIA AM 30/W: Asian American Literature and Culture
ASIA AM 40/W: Asian American Movement
ASIA AM 50/W: Asian American Women
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