Home Care (Upper Body) - Quiz
Please complete this quiz after watching the online workshop, "Home Care: Upper Body" at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yn2DwO9mVZg09Zl0qnMKa8RxaXhNKwVT
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It's a good ideas to progress through all phases of home rehab without talking to chiropractor first. *
Choose TWO. The safest method to treat an ACUTE injury is to: rest, __________, compress, __________. *
Muscle release can only be done at home and never requires professional intervention in the office. *
An injury becomes chronic after it has existed for ___________________. *
Circle ALL the muscles to stretch for a common shoulder injury. *
In order, what are the 3 steps to home care for common injuries? *
When dealing with neck or upper back pain, I should always get adjusted MORE, in addition to following the at home protocols. *
Choose the best answer. When treating rib pain, you always want to stretch the muscles NEAR or AWAY FROM the pain. *
The key to optimal health is having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system. *
Subluxation is called the silent killer. *
99% of Doctors & Chiropractors will treat you only based on your symptoms or insurance. *
If I feel good, I’m healthy. *
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