A Global study on Design of Experiments in the service Industry
This global study is based on a recent paper developed by researchers from the UK, Spain, Brazil and the USA. The purpose of this global survey is to understand the current status of Design of Experiments (DoE) as a powerful tool for process optimisation in the service industry. The first part of the questionnaire is focused on basic demographic information of the participants, followed by education and experience of participants in the field of DoE and the final part is dedicated to critical success factors, challenges in the implementation, some of the essential skills to be acquired by professionals to make the application of DoE successful in the service industry, and the main lessons learned by these practitioners in their DoE projects in the service industry. Your responses are of great value for our research and your input to the study makes an immense difference to the key findings we will be reporting at a later stage of this study. We will be sharing the results of the global survey to all participants after the results are published. Should you have any queries related to the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team members as follows:

Jiju Antony - jiju346@googlemail.com
Elisabeth Viles - eviles@tecnun.es
Marcelo Machado Fernandes - marmacfernandes@gmail.com
Elizabeth Anne Cudney - cudney@mst.edu
Taynara Incerti de Paula -
Alexandre Fonseca Torres - aftorres@unifei.edu.br
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