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Hauppauge Public Library Displays Policy
The Hauppauge Public Library welcomes displays of arts, crafts, and other items of general interest to the community.

The Library will provide space for library district residents and local organizations for such displays when possible.

Such displays are to be arranged through the Director or the Director’s designee.

The following criteria are to be used in deciding whether items are appropriate for public display in the Library.

1) sufficient artistic and/or general interest;
2) politically non partisan;
3) non proselytizing;
4) would not bother or offend children (especially since parents cannot reasonably stop their children from seeing displays without keeping children from using the Library)
5) is an appropriate format for display;
6) the exhibitor will release the Library from any liability for items on display which are lost, stolen or damaged in any way, even through negligence or gross negligence.

In regard to the fourth criterion, the Trustees emphasize that they do not countenance censorship of written words or images contained within materials the Library possesses or lends. However, they do believe that the items on display should not be offensive to Library visitors of any age.

The Director, in his/her sole judgement, will be the final arbiter regarding what may be displayed in the Library, where and how it will be displayed, and for what length of time. There can be no appeal in regard to this matter.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: October 2001.

Amended: December 2002.
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