Truro & Falmouth Constituency Brexit Survey
To: Sarah Newton MP
As a Truro & Falmouth constituent I would like to make my views on Brexit known to you. I would be grateful for a response to my concerns. Thank you.

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1. Will Brexit benefit the Truro / Falmouth Constituency?
2.. Will Brexit be good for the following in the Truro / Falmouth Constituency?
The environment
3. Do you think that Sarah Newton MP believes that the Country is now in “safe hands”?
4. Do you think the Country is now in “safe hands”?
5. On a scale of 1-10 how important is stopping Brexit to you?
Not at all important
Extremely important
6. Should Sarah Newton MP support a Government that supports a “No Deal” Brexit?
7. Would you vote for any political party that carried out Brexit?
Please use this space to make any further comments regarding Brexit you would like Sarah Newton MP to respond to.
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