WSM - New Client Survey
The responses from this survey are used to help us begin to establish a relationship and understand more about what your company does and how you do it. Thank you for your time, we look forward to potentially working together!
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Website and Social Media Platforms (please list all that you have)
Why do you want to have your social media or website managed by us?
What will happen if you don’t partner with us to help with your social media and website?
Please describe your organization in a few sentences.
What is there about you and your background that sets you apart for a special (niche) group of potential customers?
What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?
How can your particular work background help prospects, compared to others in your industry? What’s special about your work experience?
Why do you believe site visitors should do business with you rather than with a competitor?
Do you have a slogan or tagline that clearly describes what you offer in terms of benefits or features?
Please describe your potential customers. Pay special attention to their income, interests, gender, age, even type of computer they use, e.g., old with dialup account or newer with broadband. If your website is a business-to-business site, what sort of companies are you hoping to attract?
What is your budget for this project?
Who are the decision makers on this project? What is the turnaround time for making a decision?
What staff will be involved? What are their roles? Is there a social media manager or webmaster on your staff?
What is your timeline to get started?
Please list the names of five other companies that you like. Why are they attractive to you?
Have you researched your online competition so you have an idea of what you do and don’t want on your site?
What do you NOT want in your marketing in terms of text, content, etc.?
Where is the marketing content coming from? Who’s responsible for updating it? Is it ready for use on your website?
Do you have a logo?
Are you planning to do online sales? If so, what is the product, and how many items do you want to sell online?
If you’re planning to sell online, are you set up to accept credit cards?
How much time will you be able to spend online, responding to inquiries that come in via your social media and website? Once a day? Several hours a day?
Is there any other information you would like to share to help us better serve you?
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey, we will contact you within 48 hours.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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