North Carolina Farm Bureau is happy to provide agricultural outreach grants to North Carolina teachers through our Ag in the Classroom . . . Going Local program. These grants value up to $500.

Going Local Grants help educators provide Pre-K through collegiate level students with valuable, real-world education and experiences directly related to the agricultural industry and the Common Core State and Essential Standards. Teachers practicing in private and public North Carolina schools, colleges, and universities are encouraged to apply.


    Application Directions

    The grant proposal must relate directly to the agricultural industry in North Carolina. Further, your application must explain how the proposed project aligns with the Common Core State and Essential Standards. It is important to answer each component of the application fully with a focus on how it furthers students' understanding of North Carolina's agricultural industry. As a requirement of being awarded grant funding, you will be required to submit electronically a grant summary to the Director of NCFB Ag in the Classroom within a year from the grant deadline explaining its progress. NOTE: Please email any helpful materials, lesson plans, or documents that may supplement your application for grant money to To ensure emailed materials are associated with the correct application, you should format your subject line as follows: Going Local Grant [School Name] [Name of Applicant]. Once you have completed each question, please remember to SUBMIT your application. This icon can be found in the lower left corner of the last page.