POMS Little Sib Application
The big sib little sib program is a mentorship program between undergraduate students, and first and second year medical students at the University of Pittsburgh. This program is designed to foster relationships between medical students and undergraduates interested in taking the path to medicine. Big sibs are excellent resources for their littles. Medical students not only provide insight about medicine, and the path taken to get there, but can also share experiences and advice from their own undergraduate years with their siblings.

Requirements for the program:

• Must contact big sib at least once per month outside of POMS (can be email, phone, telegram, carrier pigeon etc)
• Must meet with Big Sib at the Big Sib Meet and Greet
• Attend at least 3 out of 4 POMS scheduled big sib little sib events

Things you can talk about:
• Undergraduate/Graduate life experiences
• Questions you may have about medical school (e.g. The application process, volunteering, MCAT etc.)
• Study Tips

Cool places to meet:
• Hillman
• Starbucks
• The Medical School

Please note that although this program can be an excellent resource for you IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, it is your responsibility to connect with your big sib and reach out to them. Additionally, it is your responsibility to maintain a professional relationship with your big sib (please be timely). Be mindful that medical students are incredibly busy, but have signed up in the interest of helping you, so do not hesitate to use them as a resource. The number of mentors we have available may be limited, therefore places are reserved based on a first come first served basis.

By signing below, you agree to fulfill the requirements stated above. Should you fail to comply with any of the requirements stated above, your place in the program may be given to another student.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/comments/concerns about the program or if you are having any issues.


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