Simon Thompson Exhibition Rubric Spring Term 2019
Welcome to this exhibition of learning. Your feedback will help us all improve. Thanks!

Exhibitions should include:
- Learning Plans/Goals for Term
- Reflections on learning and growth for the term
- Evidence for all BP Proficiencies (Power Assessments, Project Lab, CBL/LTI, etc)

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Accomplished:  Holds attention of entire audience with the use of direct eye contact, seldom looking at notes.
Proficient:  Consistent use of direct eye contact with audience, but still returns to notes.
Developing:  Displayed minimal eye contact with audience, while reading mostly from notes.
Emerging:  No eye contact with audience, entire presentation is read from notes.
Eye Contact
#2 *
Accomplished: Body upright, attentive, positioned towards audience, movement enhances presentation.
Proficient: Body upright, attentive, positioned towards audience.
Developing: Body somewhat upright, attentive, sometimes positioned towards audience.
Emerging: Body not upright, not attentive, not positioned towards audience, distracts from presentation.
Body Language
#3 *
Accomplished: Student displays relaxed, self-confident nature about self, with no mistakes.
Proficient: Makes minor mistakes, but recovers from them; displays little or no tension.
Developing: Displays mild tension; has trouble recovering from mistakes.
Emerging: Tension and nervousness are obvious; has trouble recovering from mistakes.
#4 *
Accomplished: Student demonstrates a strong positive feeling about topic during entire presentation.
Proficient: Generally shows positive feelings about topic.
Developing:  Shows some negativity toward the topic presented.
Emerging:  Shows absolutely no interest in the topic presented.
#5 *
Accomplished: Student uses a clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can hear the presentation.
Proficient: Student's voice is clear. Student pronounces most words correctly. Most audience members can hear presentation.
Developing: Student's voice is inaudible. Student incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation.
Emerging:  Student mumbles, incorrectly pronounces terms, and speaks too quietly for a majority of the audience to hear.
Elocution & Articulation
#6 *
Accomplished: Student engages the audience by using a variety of delivery modes and prompting audience participation.
Proficient: Student includes a basic level of audience participation and some diversity of delivery modes.
Developing: Exhibition contains little diversity of delivery modes. Student prompts little or no audience participation.
Emerging:  Presentation modes are limited to speaking and showing slides.
Engaging the Audience
#7 *
Accomplished: Student presents information in a logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow.
Proficient: Student presents information in logical sequence which audience can follow.
Developing: Audience has difficulty following presentation because student jumps around.
Emerging:  Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information.
#8 *
Accomplished: Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.
Proficient: Presentation has no more than two misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Developing: Presentation has three misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Emerging:  Presentation has four or more misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
#9 *
Accomplished: Student demonstrates depth of knowledge and expertise on multiple learning plan topics. Student demonstrates in detail what they learned, not just what they did.
Proficient: Student shows some depth of knowledge about the evidence and products shown. Student demonstrates what they learned, not just what they did.
Developing: Student shows products but is unable to describe learning and is able to answer only rudimentary questions.
Emerging: Student does not have a grasp of the information; student cannot answer questions about subject.
Depth of Content
What were two areas this student did well in (scored highest)? Give specific examples of why you thought so. *
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What were two areas this student could improve on (scored lowest)? What specific suggestions do you have for them to try/implement? *
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