These questions will help us understand how to best deploy Envelop Satellite and meet the needs and intentions of the event you're planning. If there's any details that you're unsure of, or if you have any questions, just let us know at envelop@envelop.us

Here are a few FAQs that help to clarify our focus and structure-

Envelop is a non-profit that creates free open-source spatial audio software tools, and listening spaces.

Our mission is to amplify the connective power of sound through listening events, spatial audio tools and production mentorship.

Currently there are two listening spaces- Envelop at The Midway in San Francisco and Envelop Satellite our mobile space. A new venue is opening early next year.

An Envelop listening space can operate in a few different modes-
1. Spatial Audio Lounge: 3D field recordings and ambient soundscapes fill the space without a particular artist driving the mix. This is good for downtime and between sets.
2. Spatial Audio Performance- An Envelop resident or other artists familiar with spatial audio production plays the "instrument" / the space to it's full capabilities.
3. Spatialized Stereo DJ set- This is an affective option for DJs that do not know about spatial audio. The stereo mix is "upmixed" to the spatial audio listening space using the Envelop software tools.
4. Yoga, Sound Meditation and other wellness content within the space. An Envelop space is an ideal location to take wellness and mindfulness practices to the next level.

An Envelop Satellite activation is operated by our partner Telluric Current Studios (TCS).
Upon agreement and confirmation an operating agreement will be created between you / your entity and TCS.

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