Application Form for Theme Camp Directed Ticket Sales
Welcome to the application form for theme camp directed tickets to Lakes of Fire 2019 - Summerween! These tickets are intended to encourage and reward interactivity, creativity, and scope of vision. We have a limited number of directed tickets, so make your application count!
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Please describe, in some detail, your theme camp's planned contribution to the 2019 Event. Please be aware that these tickets are a significant privilege set aside for participants bringing substantial gifts, like around the clock interactivity, large scale art, and infrastructure items that require a dedicated core team and substantial advance planning.
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There are 220 tickets available in this program. Every ticket you take is one less for other camps that would also like to bring the awesome. Please be aware of this, and only request the minimum you need for your CORE TEAM to execute your vision at the event. Tickets will be provided only to individuals specifically listed in your core team roster below. You may request up to 25 directed tickets.
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This list will be used to allocate directed tickets. If your camp receives fewer tickets than requested, we will start with the first person listed and work down. Individuals who receive a directed ticket offer will be removed from the lottery; if any persons listed on the roster do not receive tickets, they will remain in the lottery.

Please provide the full name and email used to register each member of your core team for the LOF ticket lottery at Each name and email *must* match a LOF lottery registration; if your members are not already registered, make sure you do so before Feb. 23, 2019 (at midnight Central time, the same time that the lottery registration closes).

Please include yourself, and put each full name (legal firstname & lastname) and email address on a new line, as follows:
Frederick Smith,
Robert Jones,

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If you are a returning camp, we hope that some of your members volunteered at LOF 2018. Individuals who have received a volunteer ticket offer for LOF 2019 SHOULD NOT be placed on your core team roster above, but SHOULD be counted here. Please let us know how many additional members of your team have received a volunteer ticket offer!
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As a camp that has officially been invited by the community, you will be expected to be a good role model. At a bare minimum this means following the rules, and leaving no trace, and respecting the sound policy. Additionally, we encourage you to encourage your camp mates to volunteer. And be a good neighbor in general. If Rangers need to set up an outpost to deal with problem after problem at your camp, you are probably doing something wrong and will not be invited back to the program.
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