Survey for Katie's Spinning Babies® Parent Class in Catonsville (Updated 08/2019)
I will try to keep this quick! None of these questions are required, so feel free to answer as much or as little as you desire. Thank you so much!
Is this your first pregnancy/birth?
Did you feel included and heard before, during and after class? (check all that apply)
Were email and/or text communications clear, professional and timely? (check all that apply)
Were the fees fair?
If you purchased a Rebozo: Are you happy with the rebozo you received?
It is Katie's professional goal this year to be inclusive online and in person. Did you feel at any point that you were not included (examples may include hearing Katie say "mom" instead of "birthing person")? If so, please describe so we can continue to improve and support all families of Maryland.
Your answer
Were you able to practice all the Spinning Babies techniques that you expected to learn in class?
Do you (and your partner) feel confident doing the Three Sisters of Balance (Rebozo Monteada (belly sifting), Forward Leaning Inversion & Side Lying Release) at home?
Was the location acceptable? Thoughts on improving the facility to better accommodate parent classes?
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Any other thoughts you would like to share?
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Congratulations and many blessings!
I am excited for your journey! If you had any concerns you wish to discuss or send a review that Katie can publish publicly, please email, text 864.356.3487 or call Katie at your convenience. Nothing submitted in this form will be shared publicly. If something from this form is concerning, Katie may discuss what is said with her mentors or Gail Tully for growth and professional development.
Thank you for your feedback! (Photo courtesy of Morgan J Photography.)
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