Internet Safety Survey
This survey is intended to understand and evaluate the extent the internet has affected kids and teenagers safety-wise regarding cyberbullying and their interactions online. All data collected is anonymous and strictly confidential.

There are so many organizations advocating and making a difference in the cyber safety of children and teens that continue to improve and make the online world safer. However, our goal as an organization is to specifically help our community and our schools through our intimate understanding of the current system and our experiences online.

We have designed this survey incorporating some elements from several previously published surveys by UNICEF, Pew Research, and COX Communications.

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1. Are you a
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If you are a parent filling in for a child, please enter your child's information for the following questions instead of yours. If you are a child under 18, please make sure you get your parent's permission before filling out the form.
2. What grade are you in? *
3. What is your gender? *
4. What school district do you go to? *
5. What do you use the internet for? (select all that apply) *
6. If you use social media, what types of social media or programs do you use? (select all that apply)
7. How often do you go online? *
8. How much time do you spend online per day? *
9. What device(s) do you primarily use for your internet access? (select all that apply) *
10. Have you ever been a target of cyberbullying? *
11. If you answered yes to the above, through what platform were you cyberbullied?
12. If you answered yes to the above, did you know the identity of the bully?
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13. Do you know anyone who was or is being cyberbullied? *
14. If you were a target of cyberbullying, whom, if anyone, did you discuss it with?
15. Which of the following do you consider to be cyberbullying? *
What resource(s) do you think would help stop cyberbullying the most?
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