Scandal's P.E. Coffee Fundraiser!
Welcome to Scandal's Positive Energy Coffee Fundraiser. Thank you for supporting the team!

The Scandalous Blend consists of beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. Lighter roast levels highlight undertones of caramel, milk chocolate, and stone fruit while darker roasts lift nutty and smokey notes to the surface. Regardless of roast level the blend is smooth (like a Jenny Fey huck). Each of these single origin coffees was processed via wet washing, meaning the fruit surrounding the bean was fermented and thoroughly washed after harvest -- leaving the final cup clean with bright and balanced acidity. Roaster Recommendation: Medium roast level.

P.E. Coffee bags are $14.00 each (plus shipping if applicable), of which Scandal will receive $5.00 for every Scandalous Blend sold!

After filling out this order request, we will make sure to contact you within 3 business days with a confirmation of your order. If you have any questions or concerns prior to or after ordering, please feel free to contact at
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