Sunshine Socialist Cinema
The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is a utopian cinema. We are curious about your ideas and ideals concerning such a cinema. Please write however much or little and complete or incomplete you would like - of course. Feel free to answer in any language you feel more comfortable with. We are happy about all input. Thank you!
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Sunshine Socialist Cinema poster by Sara Granér
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Sunshine Socialist Cinema Questionnaire
When you dream of a utopian cinema, what do you envision? What would your ideal Sunshine Socialist Cinema be like?
e.g The utopian cinema would provide occasion for socio-political discussion – by means of the films it would show, the questions and ideas these would inspire, and the debate that might follow in the audience.
How would a Sunshine Socialist Cinema be organized? How would decisions be made? How would it be financed? Where would it be placed?
e.g It would be organized by a dedicated group, the members of which might change – anyone would be welcome to join. Decisions would be based on discussions in the group and on the discussions in the context of a screening.
Who are the audiences in a Sunshine Socialist Cinema? What role does the audience play? Why would they be there? How would they watch the films? How would they discuss the films? What would they take away with them when they leave?
e.g The audience would be somewhat active in the ‘curation’ of the programme in the sense that their perceptions of and reactions to the films would underlie future decisions...
What films would be shown in a Sunshine Socialist Cinema? How would they be produced? What would they look like? How would they be shown? How would they be selected?
e.g Films selected and shown would be under a main theme which could be requested by the audience in previous screenings and within the frame of left-wing topics, including video art. The necessary electricity would be provided by solar panels and, alternatively, by the audience’s use of bicycles, and projected through a portable projector.
What would watching and discussing these films do with us? What would happen to us in a Sunshine Socialist Cinema?
e.g By gathering people around a thought-provoking film in a way that creates a sense of community, the sunshine socialist cinema has the potential of enhancing socio-political consciousness and debate in a ‘fun’ way.
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