Organizers will be offering two different options during training days – a basic uplift or a more comprehensive shuttle plan.

• Day one training: transport from Machico (Race Village) to SS1
• Day two training: transport from Machico (Race Village) to SS3
• Racers will train day one stages on Thursday and day two stages on Friday, under designated time periods.
• Racers will need to pedal the transitions - basically do the normal race route.
• Price: 20€ per day - payment during registration
• If you decide to go for SHUTTLE PLAN on day two, you'll still need to book BASIC UPLIFT for day one (20€).

For more information about the SHUTTLE PLAN, please contact info@freeridemadeira.com. Price will be 75€ per person and this service is only available for day two of racing. This service will help you in getting you faster to stages, saving energy along the day. There will be a plan for GROUP A and GROUP B according to training time periods. Riders are free to mix with other riders and teams can be in the same van in order to share costs.

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