Application for Nonprofit Wellness Pilot
Thanks for finding Nonprofit Wellness! If you're in/near DC and stressed out from making the world better, first, thank you. Secondly, while the initial round of applications has ended, we're in allowing in a few more (members of) teams of full-time DC/MD/VA staff who work in nonprofit advocacy, education, or service. If you are part of that kind of team, Read On.

Starting in September, stressed-out world-changers will try new wellness tools and evaluate them for six months. We're hoping to discern what kind of physical and mental "wellness" we really need more of, plus the best ways to deliver services, to build community, and for our organizations to have more impact in this crazy world.

The pilot costs $200 per person; participants will receive triple that amount in self-chosen wellness tools. They will also contribute to growing research about this field. Scholarships available. DC-area folks only. Team deadline: June 30, 2018.

Thanks for creating cultures of well-being at work,
The Team

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2. In one sentence, please describe your unmet wellness needs. *
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3. Where do you live AND work (in DC/MD/VA)?
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4. If selected, you'll spend $200 in our "nonprofit wellness" store, stocked with already-discounted classes, coaching and gear for you and your team to try. Then, we'll help you evaluate the impact of your choices on your physical, mental and team health. In the next section, you'll tell us what you're most likely to try. But first, please tell us what you're ALREADY DOING (or have recently done) that you know benefits your physical or mental health:
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6. This wellness pilot is designed to run August 2018-January 2019. If selected, can you commit to six months of regular wellness activities (type and frequency of your choosing) plus three online evaluations?
7. Your Physical Health Preferences: Please choose the TOP THREE discounted co-op benefits you might try that support your physical health. These options were gleaned from the 2017 Nonprofit Burnout Prevention Survey; please fill in "other" with specifics/requests. *
8. Your Mental Health Preferences: Please choose the TOP THREE discounted benefits you might try that support mental health. Use "other" for additional detail or suggestions. *
9. Okay, on to Team Health. We want to improve individuals' physical and mental health, and also improve the health of teams in our nonprofit workplaces. Which group activities might you choose if we could schedule local experts to bring wellness to YOUR workplace? (this is a non-binding poll, and hopefully will be a free resource; please choose up to five of these GROUP, not individual, classes)
10. Please share with us your title(s) and your organization. *
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11. Are you or your organization paying $200 for the wellness pilot, or are you applying for a partial scholarship? (check as many as apply)
12. We welcome everyone to apply, whether individually or part of a team. We are eager to ensure inclusivity; please check any of the following if they apply to you:
13. How would you rank your workplace's commitment to health and wellness? (ratings are anonymous; see privacy statement below)
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