Call for Sponsors ngVikings 2018
ngVikings are a series of community-driven events across the Nordic countries. Our talks and workshops will be mostly about Angular and other technologies related to the Angular framework. Our goal is to strengthen the Angular community in the Nordics by bringing it together, while inspiring and learning from each other. Nothing fuels collaboration like meetings in real life.

ngVikings 2017 gathered more than 350 attendes from all around the world. You can check the photos here:

The next ngVikings event is scheduled for the March 1-2, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. This event will gather 300+ front-end developers from different Nordic countries together. It will also be the largest Angular conference hosted in the Nordic countries.

ngVikings is a 100% community-driven event.

Why is it worth it to sponsor ngVikings?
At ngVikings you will meet experienced front-end developers and people who are fascinated by modern web technologies, who are constantly pursuing new thoughts and ideas. There are many case studies proving that the Nordic Angular community is motivated to try out new frameworks and new ideas. Our attendees have the potential to be your dream customers.

What you get?
Direct access to 300+ front-enders
Venue to advertise your business among the attendees
Opportunity to touch base with the community about your products or new ideas
Information about coming trends in web application

By partnership we mean all non-financial help on organizing the event (promotion, providing some services, delivering some products, etc).

Sponsor packages:

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