WORLD5 - Be on the new album
Would you like to be a part of an exciting future for WORLD5 and our forthcoming album? We have 2 very exciting offers for you, absolutly free of charge!
1. Join the WORLD5 mailing list, feature as a supporter of WORLD5 with your name written on the new album sleeve and the WORLD5 homepage.
---> see below
-- Fill in your first name and last name. -- Fill in your email address. -- Check the boxes: ( I hereby agree...) (even if you don´t sing on the album, there is a download link in this form, pls check both of them) All done!!!
Closing Date: March 4th, 2018.

2. Want to sing on the new album? ... yes really ... An exciting opportunity for ALL singers to actually appear on the chorus of one of our songs from the new album.. YES!! ..YOUR VOICE on our next album !!
This is an awesome opportunity to appear on an official worldwide album release.
---> See instructions below.
We have prepared a chorus MP3 for you to sing to, send us your voice and we'll choose 30 singers to appear on the album.
Closing Date: March 4th 2018

WORLD5 - Sleeve, Cover New Album (example)
For all singers : Here Is How It Works:
--Sing and record a 2nd voice (background vocal --, both higher or lower harmony is fine) to the chorus. To sing along, download the track here ---> This mix is a special recorded MP3 for you to sing along. The real production of the song will start as soon as we have all vocals. The music will be produced in Houston, TX, USA.
-- Please follow the exact phrasing .
-- The tempo of the song is 121.100 bpm. If you record in Cubase, Pro Tools or any other recording software, you need this exact tempo to record along with the MP3 track.
-- You need to record all chorusses..there is a harmony change at the last chorusses, we cannot copy any previous chorusses. Please send us ONE file with the complete vocal recording, starting at the first "Count In" click ( either a wav or aif file, 24bit Mono recorded with a good vocal microphone). Your vocal to be soloed, on it´s own, not with the backing included.
-- After recording, you need to convert the file to MP3. (128 kbs, or 160 kbs, or 192 kbs are fine). If selected, we will get in touch and you need to send us the original wav or aif file.
-- Fill in your first name and last name.
-- Fill in your email address.
-- Check the boxes: (I hereby agree..)
-- Upload your MP3 vocal file. All done!!! Sit back and we´ll do the rest!
Sing on the new album with us
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